TSW008 - Implacable ~ These Dark and Shadow Ways


The dusk settles in, the winds blow cold and the pipe organ starts playing. The slow riffs and growls soon follow. Implacable's old music has been lurking in the underground for too long, but the time is finally here to blow some dust off the cassette player and appreciate this funeral doomy goodness in an old, analogue format. 


Their funeral/death doom has a distinctly old-school sound to them - recommended for fans of My Silent Wake, Paramaecium, early Funeral and Antestor's "Martyrium". This 50x limited transparent black cassette is a collaboration between Nordic Mission and The Shrouded Winter MC label, and is the first in the NM underground cassette series in addition to TSW's 8th cassette release.


Release date: 13th of August, 2021


1. Intro
2. Master
3. Behind The Veil
4. Psalm 68
5. Peter's Mourning
6. The Dance of Death
7. In the Shadows
8. Outro