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All items listed here are new. LAST UPDATE: 17-06-2024

Titles marked in orange are new to the list.





Agathothodion - Can God Be Made? €8,- (reissue of Kan Guds Gjort with bonus tracks)

Agathothodion - Spiritual Catharsis €8,- (never released material from the archive on CD)

Agathothodion / Light Shall Prevail - Five :V: €8,- (reissue of the long out of print split)

Alstadt - Climes of Northern Sorrow €8,- (raw and harsh black metal from Canada!)

Arvinger - Rast €7,- 

Ataraxy - A Modern Narrative €3,- (superb harsh noise from Germany) LAST COPY!

Ataraxy - Worship €3,- (superb harsh noise from Germany)

Bleak Harvest - Everything... meaningless €5,- (atmospheric, depressive black metal)

Century Sleeper - Awaken €10,- 

Christ Rising - The Eternal Winds of Hoarfrost €9,-

Dalit - Moksha €15,- (restock!)

Drottnar - Spiritual Battle €17,50 (2 new unplayed copies)

Duister Maanlicht - Het Gehate Verleden €10,- (reissue)

Duister Maanlicht - Naar de hel met hen! €10,-

Duister Maanlicht - Influisteringen van de duivel €10,- (Dutch primal black metal a Darkthrone)

Duister Maanlicht - Over zwarte kunsten... €10,- 

Duister Maanlicht & Kärv - split CD €10,-

Duister Maanlicht - Over ketters... €10,- (reissue of my own favorite before their hiatus)

Duister Maanlicht - In het Woude van de Kwade Geest €10,- (new album)

Eden in Ruins - The Unknown €8,- (original Sneeuwstorm Produkties release)

Eligbbor - Corruptus Vindicta €14,-(furious black metal, their best release so far)

Evig Mørke - Under a Black Sky... €10,- (reissue, a classic)

Exultet - King's Crusade Part 1 The Holy Land €14,- (Knightly crusading folk black metal from Italy)

Frosthardr - S/T €9 (fantastic thrash/black metal killer!)

Frost Like Ashes - Fellowship of Suffering €9,99 (latest EP of the sickest thrash/black outfit)

Frost Like Ashes - Hoarfrost The Compendium €15,- (compilation of all FLA before Fellowship of Suffering)

Gaoth Anair / Taur Nu Fuin - Sochraid 8,- (original Sneeuwstorm Produkties release)

Gaoth Anair - Gatherings in the Dark €8,- (original SneeuwStorm Produkties release)

Gaoth Anair - In Death's Eclipse €8,- (original SneeuwStorm Produkties release)

Golgota - The Chronicles €9,- (compilation of  rare live recordings and demo's, Brazilian black metal)

Golgota - Return to the Old Path / From the grave €10,-(one of the better South American BM bands)

GROMS - Ascension / Turn (2CD) 17,50  

Hating Evil - Rotten Inside €9,- (re-release by VOG, killer thrash metal like Hirax)

Herfstdood & Hikikomori - Vergeten en vergaan split €10,- (first two of the killer Herfstdood blackgaze songs)

Herfstdood - Lijdensweg €10,- (CD version with a 4 page insert)

Hesychast - Ageless €11,- (Restock of this superb Orthodox influenced black metal piece)

Horde - Hellig Usvart €13,50 (Soundmass anniversary reissue)

Hymns of the Blackest Light vol, 3 €8,-(underground black metal compilation)

Jernlov - Resurrection €14,- (melodic black metal from Norway!')

Kohllapse - s/t €13,-

Light Shall Prevail - Rising From Ashes... €7,- (what should have been the 2nd album, contains unreleased tracks)

Living Sacrifice - s/t €13,- (Nordic Mission reissue)

Living Sacrifice - Nonexistent €13,- (Nordic Mission reissue)

Lurking Beneath the Sea - Every Passing Moment €8,-

Melech - Melech Ha Olam €13,-

Pantokrator - Songs of Solomon €10,- (Soundmass CD reissue, booklets are leftovers from the original)

Pantokrator- Marching out of Babylon €13,-

Pantokrator - A Decade of Thoughts €14,-

Sacrificium - Avowal of the Centurion €8,-  

Sacrificium - Oblivion €13,-

Sanctification - The Peace of Knowing Jesus €8,- (heavily atmospheric black metal)

Schraal - Onheilige Strijd €9,- (Dutch black metal from SneeuwStorm Produkties)

SorrowStorm - Onward €15,- (anniversary 2cd edition)

Temple of Perdition - Tetragrammaton demo cdr €4,- (black metal from the USA)

Temple of Perdition - Tetragrammaton (full album) €8,- 

Trinity - Memories of the Ancient Presence €13,- (doom metal)

Wapenveld - Beneveld door de Mist €10,-

Vials of Wrath - Seeking Refuge €11,- (digipack final version, revamped artwork)

Vials of Wrath - Days without names €11,- (digipack final version)

Vials Of Wrath - Ataraxia I&II €14,- (needs no introduction, perfect black metal from USA intwined with acoustics)




Agathothodion - Endless Snowfall €7,- (long out of print release of Traum von Gott)

Agathothodion - Can God Be Made? €7,- (long out of print reissue of the Kan Guds Gjort album)

Agathothodion - Spiritual Catharsis €7,- (never released material undusted from the archives)

Agathothodion / Light Shall Prevail - Five :V: €7,- (long out of print release of this split album)

Álfablót - Demo II €2,- (fantasy and folk inspired instrumental black metal from the US)

Antestor - Kongsblod € 15,- (restock!)

Cryptic Embrace - Heroes of the Faith II €2,- (raw shrill black metal from the UK, like Torch of War (Ger))

Daygraves - Imperishable €9,-

Dolenaer / Lommer / Through the Thorns - The Shrouded Winter €2,- (ambient & black metal, + free download)

Goatscorge - Wrath of Heaven €7,- (final release of this grinding war machine, relentless death metal)

Herfstdood - Lijdensweg €9,- (Dutch blackgaze/atmospheric metal)

Hesychast - Ageless €7,- (orthodox chanting woven with atmospheric black metal, on pro-tapes)

I H S - Likt En Skinande Ängel. Lifvets Krona; 2 Kor 11-14 €9,- (Swedish tormented black metal! includes download-code)

I H S - Liikutuksia XIX €9,- (Swedish tormented black metal! includes download code)

Implacable - These Dark and Shadow Ways €9,- (classic melancholic doom metal from Norway)

Kekal - Primal Spirits of the Immortal €5,- (mid 90's  demo's remastered, Indonesian black metal)

Meadow Grove / Dolenaer - Whatever Lies Ahead €8,- (split release by 2 ambient artist)

Meadow Grove / Thaddaios - Elegy For the Victims of War €7,- (split release from Finland, ambient vs. black metal)

Nihhill / Ataraxy - Construction / Destruction €4,- (harsh noise from Brazil and Germany)

Oblitus - Shattered Shape €2,- (straight forward underground black metal from Australia!)

Pantokrator - Marching out of Babylon €9,- (Swedish killer death metal)

The People's Noise Project - The People's Tape €1,50,- (German noisecore)

Roots of Tragedy - Awakening Beyond €5,- (atmospheric death/doom metal from Norway on protape + download card)

Symbiosis - Solo, nel Bosco, la Mia Fine €9,- (final full length of this long-running Italian ambient project)

Thaddaios - s/t €8,- (compilation of the first works of Thaddaios from 2021)