Vision of God titles in stock! Vials of Wrath, Exultet, Frost Like Ashes, SorrowStorm etc.

Published on 12 October 2023 at 22:23

Some titles from overseas are new in stock:


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Frost Like Ashes - Fellowship of Suffering €9,99 (latest EP of the sickest thrash/black outfit)

Frost Like Ashes - Hoarfrost The Compendium €15,- (compilation of all FLA before Fellowship of Suffering)

Exultet - King's Crusade Part 1 The Holy Land €14,- (Knightly crusading folk black metal from Italy)

Vials of Wrath - Seeking Refuge €11,- (digipack final version, revamped artwork)

Vials of Wrath - Days without names €11,- (digipack final version)

Vials Of Wrath - Ataraxia I&II €14,- (needs no introduction, perfect black metal from USA intwined with acoustics)

Eligbbor - Corruptus Vindicta €14,- (furious black metal, their best release so far)

SorrowStorm - Onward €15,- (anniversary 2cd edition)

Duister Maanlicht - Influisteringen van de duivel €10,- (Dutch primal black metal a Darkthrone)

Duister Maanlicht - Over zwarte kunsten... €10,- (idem)

Golgota - Return to the Old Path / From the grave €10,- (one of the better South American BM bands)

Christ Rising - The Eternal Winds of Hoarfrost €9,-

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